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Request for Feature: Optional and nested quoting (a la e-mail, Usenet) Answered

This probably would require substantial rewriting of the comment-handling software, but I might as well toss it out for discussion. Could the "Reply" feature for PM, topics, and I'bles comments have the ability to optionally do formatted quoting? I have in mind the classic Usenet and e-mail system:

   Joe L. User wrote:   > Jane Newbie wrote:   >> GodOfVMS wrote:   >>> Why do we need lowercase commands?   >> i like lowercase; it reminds me of e.e. cummings.  What&aposs a command?   > CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME GET MY CAPS LOCK KEY UNSTUCK??????   Sure!  On the front of your computer, find the button with a    circle and line, (|).  Press it.

With long postings, or when you're replying to multiple comments someone has made, being able to interlace what they said with what you're writing can be very convenient.

Some people (Kiteman especially) do this by hand, applying boldface or italic markup to distinguish the layers of markup. I try to do it in a more narrative way, e.g.,

   On Sep 16, 2008, you wrote, "Some stupid newbie announcement."  Did you really mean   to say that, or were you doing a self-colonoscopy?

I wonder if formatted quoting could be done automatically by the backend?


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12 years ago

. Yep. . . ROFL I love your examples!