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Requests: Please change the popup to login + custom download buttons Answered

Well two requests: Instructables devs can you change the way the popup comes up that tells you to login?

A lot of my people are complaining that they NEED to login to the website, but actually they don't. Apparently they don't see the X or something or it is repeatedly coming up that it is annoying and people don't want to browse instructables.
So my suggestion is not to cover up the whole screen with the popup, but just use a small banner on the bottom, which is not obtrusive like the current one is.

Another request is that I would like to see a button on top of a instructable (next to the PDF download or something) where I can link to website where I have my stuff hosted, which is required for my instructable. So people can easily find the download and don't confuse it with the PDF download.



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