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Require assistance building a circuit with sound and lights for the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Answered

Last week, I constructed a prop ASHPD for my cosplay outfit for the Tokyo Game Show- being a generic male test subject.

Considering the time crunch I had, I was not able to put as much detail into it as I would have liked. None the less, it came out pretty good.

Now, I want to improve upon it. One of the upgrades I want to apply, I have no experience with.

The layout of the circuit that I want is as follows:
On/Off toggle switch. This is simply to preserve battery life.
The device will also have 2 single press buttons, one for the blue portal, and the other for the orange portal.
Upon pressing the blue button, a blue light will illuminate, and play the sound file associated with the firing of a blue portal. Once the button is released, the blue light needs to stay on, however, upon pressing the button again, it will play the sound again, without chaning the state of the light.
The same needs to happen with the orange button- it turns off the blue light and turns on the orange light simultaneously, while playing the sound file associated with the firing of the orange portal. Again, pressing this button again needs to play the sound file again, without changing the state of the illuminated orange light.

I currently own the toggle switch and the 2 buttons, as well as 2 rod lights designed for placement in a computer. I don't know if I will be able to cut the motherboard pin connector off and just solder the wires to the circuit. I'm assuming so.


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