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Required Power Supply for Peltier (TEC12715) Answered

I'm going to build a Mini Airconditioner based on Peltier Module. I'm going to use 10 Peltier Module for better cooling.

1 Peltier requires Umax (V):15.4 Imax (A):15 Max power consumption (watt):231 Watt. Which Power Supply Driver is required to run all 10 Peltier Elements. [I am from Non-Electrical Background].


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

Before considering the details of what kind of power supply is needed, I think it would be useful to consider just the amounts of energy, or power, involved here.

I mean, if you were to use all 10 of these modules, at something like 50% to 100% of their rated power, this is approximately 1.1 to 2.3 kW.

Another consideration is the amount of heat you have to dump, to the hot side. I think that is going to be (1+COP) where COP is a number called, "coefficient of performance"

I think, for Peltier modules, in typical circumstances, COP is only about 0.5.

So most of the heat you have to dump (about 2/3 for COP=0.5) , is coming from the electrical power input.

In contrast, vapor compression refrigerators have vastly better COP. I think typical number for vapor compression refrigerator is like COP=2.0

Anyway, I guess where I going with this, is that what you propose seems to me like it needs a lot of heat sink, and fans, and power dissipation, and power input... for something you call, "Mini Airconditioner"

Here I am naively guessing the word, "mini", implies this thing is supposed to be small.