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Reshaping Rondo'ed pepakura items? Answered

I've done some digging, and I keep getting mixed answers on this. I have a pepakura helmet I have been working on, and recently, I had the back end of it warp on me. I applied rondo (which is roughly 70% figerglass and 30% bondo) It warped while I had it sitting in my car on a rather hot day, so my hopes for fixing it are high. 

However, I have already taken a heat gun to it (which did make it very flexible) to reshape it. However, it always returns back to it's original misshaped form. Am I just no applying enough heat to it? Or have I basically accidentally created a memory material?

Thanks in advance! 



Best Answer 4 years ago

There is no reshaping it. Bondo isn't a vary good option for converting paper craft into a more solid object. You want to use an actual resin and fiberglass mix. Apply a layer of resin to the paper and let that cure. This will stiffen the paper up quite a bit but won't give you good ragidity to allow it to last. Then you'll coat it in fiberglass and resin.


Answer 4 years ago

Darn. I was afaird of that. Thanks!
And, just as a side note: I know that using Bondo isn't the best option, but when you mix it with resin, it makes it easy to apply, and is surprisingly hard when cured. Not quite as good as mat and resin, but it does the trick.