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Reshaping a Poland Spring Jug! Answered

Hello everyone,
I'm currently in need of a 5 gallon water jug but have not come across anything that will fit exactly where i need to put it. I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent way to go about re-shaping an old 5 gallon Poland Spring water jusg I happen to have kickin' around.


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7 years ago

Depends on home much reshaping is needed. But a heat gun will be able to soften the plastic enough to make it pliable. Just heat it slowly and evenly. If you can get the whole bottle heated and liable then you may be able to shove it into the space you want it to be, cap it off and pump some air into it so it fully forms to the area and your good to go. It won't be easy to do and will likely destroy several bottles before you get it to work right.