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Resources for manufacturing materials for a Virtual Reality Simulator? Answered


I am building my own "homemade Virtual Reality Simulator" that would consist in a moving platform on top of another, both connected through simple compression springs. I am a big guy and weight almost 100 kgs (200 pounds) therefore the platform should be designed to these standards.

It shall look similar to the image attached.

QUESTION: Do you know a good information source to find the right materials (even suppliers) for manufacturing the upper and lower boards?

Thank you for any feedback.



3 years ago

Get yourself a broken treadmill from the scrap.
The boards in them seem to be some sort of MDF but they are incredibly strong and wn't warp easy.
I prefer them when I have make some custom, heavy duty shelfs - these boards don't mind sitting at the end supports and having 100kg placed in the center.
Had one holding two aircon units for over a year and when finally removed I checked the board: it was bent less than 1cm over the entire lenght and keep in mind it was in my garage subject to extreme heat and temperature changes.
Otherwise structural flooring boards from the hardware store will be plenty and if the grade is selected right they are even fully waterproof.


3 years ago

Ordinary 12mm plywood should be plenty strong enough.


Reply 3 years ago

I just saw your other post about this: varnished 12mm marine plywood should be plenty strong enough, and able to withstand the weather.