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Retro lamp shade pattern Answered

Found what I want online but they are too expensive. I want a geometric, atomic age shade pattern. But, I am open to any other ideas. Here is a link to the type of shade I would like to make: http://www.deadlynightshades.com/category.asp?id=63&page=2


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11 years ago

These types of lamp shades were popular in the '60s.

If you look real close to at the photos, they are material laced on metal frames.  The frames are thick steel wire bent in a circle, with horizontal metal wires th connect the different sized pieces.  The rods meet in the center and a washer is welded which connects to the bolt in the lamp shade support.

THe frames are welded but you might be able to get away with bending the pieces around each other to connect it if you don't have a welder.

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