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Return Ticket in Spore Answered

I just started a new game in civ stage, and progressed into space. I notice that I have a tool which is the Return Ticket, which allows me to return home in one move. I also noticed I don't have this tool in my other space stage game. Why is this, and am I missing anything else?



7 years ago

You just have to complete the civilization stage as Religeous, this gives you the return ticket. Completing in industrial or military modes will give you other (less useful) options.


8 years ago

well i think there was a problem with this in some of the earlier versions of the game. and no your not missing anything else, you can get patches from video game sights if it happens again and you want to fix it

St Jimmyandyweigl

Answer 8 years ago

Actually I did a bit of research, and it turns out when you complete creature stage you get a tool for use in space stage, mine just happened to be the return ticket. Some are things like complete obliteration of a planet or instantly having 7 samples of a planets biosystem