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Return of the subscription email? Answered

It's been quite some time since the subscription emails* got all buggy and had to be stopped.

Any idea when they're going to come back? I miss getting updates on the cool stuff folk make.

(*the ones that alerted us to the activity of those we follow)



5 years ago



5 years ago

It hasn't been forgotten. We've done some testing in house and it's not playing nice with the other functions of the site (primarily sending multiple notifications about the same thing).

Tarun Upadhyayamikeasaurus

Reply 5 years ago

May I suggest something here. I am not sure if the what is the architecture of the notification system but usually it's a queue based system. The problem usually begins when this notification module is embedded inside the main software or app.

Having a separate notification system or service is usually a better and scalable option for systems which has to send tons of notifications to users.

Just saying.