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Reuse laptop screen Answered

Hi I had the greates luck finding an old laptop screen in a dumpster at school (they're currently changing computers, dumping the old ones). When I got home I also found a Video to VGA converter, which made me think - can I somehow connect these two into a working screen for  let's say an old nintendo? Either that or I go back to find a compatible motherboard and videocard and rewire it somehow - but it most rather not. So, any ideas for how to make it work as a screen? :)

- IBM 12,1" TFT screen branded M360
- Konig Video to VGA converter

Sorry for the bad images, Ipads camera kina sucks :)



6 years ago

This question comes up allot. The answer is no.

All you have is a screen. That screen needs driver circuits to control it. you have nothing there that can take a video signal and put it on the scree. The converter you have is a good replacement for a video card but you would need the driver circuits off the main board of the laptop to get the screen to connect to the converter and work.


Reply 6 years ago

Oh sry if Im doubleposting, only found one thread about this and I was generally just wondering what I could do with it and the vga converter.

However your answer is meeting my expectations and I will head back for some circuitry in the dumpster before they toss it :)


Reply 6 years ago

There is no point it trying to salvage anything else. The circuits you need are heavily embedded in the main board of the laptop. It would be very difficult for an electrical engineer to isolate those circuits and make use of them. In the end its not worth bothering with it.