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Reuse parts of an old tent? Answered

I have a basic 3 person dome tent from canadian tire that i have no use for. It has got the tent, the rain fly, pegs ...everything.
I have a nicer one now and before i give it away, i was thinking if there is any way parts of this can be reused in any way?
the rain fly is waterproof...so maybe a waterproof bag....and what about the real tent?
I always thought that when the ground is wet, it helps to put something on the ground before you pitch your tent so that the base does not get cold and wet. Is there a way some kind of eater/heat insulator can be made out of the old tent?




Best Answer 8 years ago

If the tent is still in good condition I would try to trade it for something you could use rather than cut it up for another purpose. Some young scout might really enjoy a good tent. If you don't want to go the barter route, you could use the fabric to make stuff sacks to store other gear in your pack. You could use the shock cord poles to make a collapsible camera tripod or shooting sticks.


8 years ago

Skin on canoe covering - ideal

Emergency bivouac

Beach tent to keep sun off.

Mini submarine covering for scuba diving.

Fancy patio covering "sail"

Sail for small boat or canoe

Tremendous BIG kite material

Covering for a drone aircraft

Far too useful to give away!!! Makers NEVER throw away and don't give they store and hord!.


8 years ago

If you have no use for it, give it to someone who does.

Using it for it's original purpose is a 100% use of the material, no waste.


8 years ago

If the tent is in working order, I'd sell it or donate it to a scouting group.

If it's scrap, you have the makings of a kite.

Otherwise, it's a generally-useful fabric, costumes, shelters, and what-not.

I use a scrap of tent fabric as the background for some of my "finished" photos.


8 years ago

Keep and use the tent for your kids or a servant :-)