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Reverse proximity alarm ? Answered

If my backpack or suitcase was moved away from me an alarm would go off in the luggage if the luggage was moved more than a few meters . This would be a 2 piece gadget , 1 piece in the luggage and 1 in my pocket . Cheers



6 years ago

a cheap way would be a reed switch, and wire it up to a rape/attack alarm. the reed switch would have to be the type that is closed at resting state. the switch operates when close to a magnetic field. so if you wore a magnet, conceslead in your clothing etc. and switch the unit on and place it inside your luggage, then as long as you stayed close enough, the switch would be activly open, when the luggage is moved x distance, the switch. closes and sounds the alarm. the components would probably cost less than £5, and a neo magnet strong enough around £25 - £45 of ebay. hope thate helps. dave.


9 years ago

Have a google for 'child proximity alarm'. These are designed to sound an alarm if the receiver unit gets more than a few feet from the transmitter.