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Rewire car charger to UK mains electricity socket Answered

Hello there,

I have a 12V air compressor pump which I would like to use inside the house. It's designed for pumping up car tyres, so it has a car cigarette lighter plug, but I think it would be useful for cleaning out the dust from my computers. I've seen a few mains adapter converters on the internet, but none of them have the required amperage (16 amps).

I've decided it would be more useful to convert it to a mains plug instead. My knowledge of electronics wiring is poor, but I'm a dab hand at tutorials, I just need to know where to start! :)

Would anyone be able to give me some advice? The device is here if anyone wants some background:

Thank you!



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6 years ago

A car tire pump will not do well as a canned air replacement. It can't pump lot of air vary fast. Now if you had it feeding a tank that's another story. Then it can run for 20 or 30 minutes to give you enough air int eh tank to blow some things out.

Besides power supply design is vary tricky and avoided by even experienced electrical engineers. Your best bet would be to use an old PC PSU that can supply up to 18A or more on the 12V rail and use that to run the pump. But like i said the amount of air it pumps a second isn't going to be enough to help you clean things off. You'll need to have it feed a tank rated for more than 100PSI for it to be any good for you.