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Rfid Brain Chip Answered

Is it safe to destroy a Rfid Chip in the Brain with an EMP device or would the Heat damage the Tissue too much?



6 months ago

downunder35m you said the first kind is next to impossible to destroy.Is there a way to destroy that in a safe way ?
for example if its a neural implant chip (nano size) ?


7 months ago

first of all thank you guys for your Input.
I dont really know if the (Rfid)-Chip is in the Brain Area but some Nano Technology in Form of a Tag or something else and i dont know how to get rid of it.It's terrible to be honest.Im Looking for solutions but it seems very very difficult.

edit: i think its something like this->

for example....Brain chips etc. are nothing new ....googlesearch 'Magnus Olson brain implant' or James Walbert, Richard Cain implants.


7 months ago

Wow, that sounds “extremely” smart... unless your suicidal then I don’t think I would try

Jack A Lopez

7 months ago

Wow! That's crazy! How did the darned thing get in there?

Also, I gotta know: Is the chip in your brain? Or are you asking this question for a friend?

I mean, if it is your brain, then I guess you're the one contemplating the possibility of brain damage, either from RF heating, or from like, having a brain surgeon try to remove it with a scalpel or whatever.

Or maybe you, or your friend, could just wear like a whole-body Faraday-cage, for to prevent the chip from receiving, or sending, RF signals?


Yeah. Wow! Like I said before, regarding having a stray RFID chip in the brain, that is really cray cray.


7 months ago

EMP is relative, especially with RF ID tags.
A lot of them are passive, the antenna provides the energy to either give a simple impulse back - like in the shops to prevent theft.
Or the real ones who send out a unique code, number or string.
The first kind is next to impossible to destroy with a household EMP as you would need enough energy to either burn out the capacitor or the coil/inductor.
The proper RF ID chips are actually designed to prevent damage from too RF interference or even an EMP.
-Although the definition of EMP for them usually means any type of interefence that you otherwise destroy things like phones or laptops.

All body implants are in a glass or resin capsule - again designed to be tough.
Heat only happens during the EMP, so unless you try to cook it in a microwave there won't be any heat.
I don't really wanna know why a living thing would end up with an RF ID chip inside the brain - I only know why this is done in crappy spy movies...

The only feasable approach I see is a controlled overload.
Knowing the working frequency means knowing what type of readers could be applied.
If passive fine, if digital a bit harder.
Either way no only need to provide far more energy than what the chip can handle.
And at the correct frequency that does not need much.
Problem, as said is the built in protection against this sort of "corruption".