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Ribon cable colors Answered

Hi all,

  I just read the "Web controlled powerstrip" by rleddington. A great build and it brought something to mind; Most everybody knows the resistor color code. The rainbow ribbon cables follow that same code. A lot of folks are unaware of this. There are ten colors and if you have more than ten wires, the color pattern repeats. If you know resistor code, this makes it a lot less confusing when wiring up a lot of circuits. If you follow the pins number/color on one end, the other end goes real easy without having to look up or follow a chart you made.

  Hope this helps! Thanks again for all the great projects.


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6 years ago

That's great if the cable stays flat and wire 1 is lined up with pin 1 of the connector. Problem is wire 1 could end up on the last pin of the connector. Or while wire one and pin one are matches on one end of the cable they could be flipped or all mixed up at the other end.