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Rickshaw Run 08! Answered

While most of us here at Instructables are recovering from the holidays here in Alameda, one of our coders, Rachel, is off on an insane adventure. She and six others are in a rally race across India in motorized rickshaws. They hit the road on December 31 and will be traveling 2,500 miles over the next couple weeks.

To keep us all up to date on her adventures, Rachel has a blog about the event complete with a map to show where they currently are. You should check it out at:


Go, Rachel!

FYI, Rachel's rocking the white hat and jacket in the second picture and is on the right in the third.


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13 years ago

That is awesome! Hopefully she can bring back some fine Indian recipes, and some awesome pictures!

fungus amungus
fungus amungus

Reply 13 years ago

Bandwidth is very limited out there, but hopefully they can get more pics up along the way.