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Rigging Laptop SSD to Desktop SATA Answered

So I'm looking at upgrading my computer with a Solid State Drive to make it boot faster, but I don't want to pay like $200 for one off newegg. I was wondering if it's possible to rig one from say an EEE PC (which can be bough used/for parts pretty cheap on ebay/CL these days) into my regular SATA port, and what the performance would be like compared to a desktop SSD drive. Thanks!



8 years ago

not all ssd's are created equal. Check reviews because you will find the ones in a EEE pc have very low thruput, and are designed for low power not high speed. Many variants are the quality/bandwidth of the data channels used to address the memory. Cheaper drives will have less data lines and thus more serial data going to the memory chips, while better ones will have multiple memory controllers and more data pipelines.

Basically, if you want performance you have to pay (a little) more. a used netbook ssd will have performance similar to a good hdd.


Answer 8 years ago