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Right mouse menu acting weird? (windows 8)? Answered

Hi there,

Today, I've been experiencing a weird 'bug' on my laptop.
Whenever I want to use the menu that comes up when pressing the right mouse button in an explorer-related location (documents, music, windows media player etc.), the menu is empty,
The menu starts out as completely blank, and the options normally shown appear don't appear until you hover over them with the mouse.
When I click the right mouse button in, for example, firefox, it works normally.
Does somebody know what causes this, and how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance.

System information:

Lenovo G500-20245 laptop
Windows 8 64 bits
Intel Core i5-3230M processor.
GeForce 720M


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Have you tried restarting the laptop? This may be an error with the video card updating the image on the screen. Possible due to overheating a bit. If a restart doesn't help then shut the laptop off for a while to let it cool and try again.

dr. richtofen
dr. richtofen

Answer 7 years ago

That seemed to work, thanks. Didn't even think of something as simple as that, as my laptop never did that before, even when not shutting it off for several days.

Again, thanks for the tip!