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Rip cuts with high TPI blade? Answered

I was ripping a 2x4x8 stud with a 60 or 80 TPI Diablo blade in a single pass. It really took a long time and felt like the saw had to grind on the material much longer than my previous cuts.

Is that because I'm using a high TPI blade or because the blade is not a rip cut blade? (the Diablo blades don't specify whether they are cross cut or combo or rip, but the package indicates using them in Miter, Table and Handheld tools).

How would I be able to know if it's a true cross-cut blade or a combo blade?

What would happen if you attempt a rip cut with a cross-cut blade, or a rip cut with a cross-cut blade?




4 days ago

The lower the teeeth per inch(TPI), the better for the blade to rip. Ideally, bades with 24 to 40 TPI is for ripping. Blades with 40-50 TPI is for combination cuts. Meaning you can rip or crosscut with it.Sometimes you can get away with 60 TPI, but that may depend on the wood. Using a lower TPI while ripping will show a much nicer finish cut on your boards. 80 to 100TPI is generally used for plywood. Hope that helps.