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Roadtripping Accommodations and Equipment? Answered

My best friend and I are planning a cross-country roadtrip this summer 2010. Starting out in Kansas City, MO, we plan on driving to Los Angeles and back within two weeks or so. Most of our money will probably go towards gas and food, so saving as much as possible when it comes to sleeping is very important. We're more than willing to camp, both in a tent and even in the car. There is an idea of staying in towns and cities for a few days at a time to increase our time abroad // our overall experience. If anyone has any tips, tricks, or anything else to offer, please let me know! Thanks much.



9 years ago

The plan for camping as a base line is great.  Do some homework on this site and others on things to bring.  A couple of kits to think of:  First Aid, Auto Repair, and Sewing.  Yes, even if you are a guy, bring some sewing needles and threads for the ripped clothes, tents, etc that are sure to happen from regular use. 

I think two weeks might be too short.  Keep your schedule loose.  When you hit town, try to hit the home grown stores to get the real feel of where you're at.  (If you always eat at McD's why are you going?)  Also, when you're in town, keep your eyes out for Help Wanted signs, especially with the home grown places.  Just level with them and let them know you'ld be interested in a couple days work for a couple days pay, if it means gas in the tank and a few hot meals.  A lot of times you might even get a place to stay besides your tent.  It might be a back room, but after camping several nights, you'll love it.  Motels, diners, grocery stores.  Especially check out motels, you might get a free room with a shower... you will LOVE that! 

Talk with locals, start with a coffee and pie at the diner.  Tell them your story, listen to theirs.

And take this piece of advice, one way on the other, keep a journal. 
Be it a simple notebook or even a laptop.  Write down your stories, take photos.  Years from now you'll be glad you did. 


10 years ago

Read up on western America and decide on the "Can't miss" places- (I recommend Rocky Mountain NP, Moab UT, Las Vegas (a drive thru just to see it), La Jolla, San Diego, ). Unfortunately, it is difficult to find places to just "crash" by the road these days but you can plan on brief camp outs to save cash. Plan on a few cheap motel nites- especially in large metro areas. If you take some food prep equipment you can save alot on meals - bring a small cooler and keep snacks around in case you find yourself in the middle of no-where and don't want to leave. Plan a loop route. And above all, be open to the people and places you come across- great adventures can happen if you meet the right person in the right place at the right time, you just have to be open to possibilities.