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Roberts Clock Radio - dimmer - Model CRD 26 Answered

Clock working fine except that when it is dark there is no time displayed and it is obvious that the dimmer is sensitive.

Open up the clock by removing four tiny posidrive screws and carefully prising the top and bottom apart. ( preferably with a plastic prising tool to avoid damaging it).

Disconnect the supply to clock. Small white two pin plug in the motherboard attached to dimmer. Remove plug and short out (connect together) the two pins that it plugs into. For a simple repair push some aluminium foil trimmed to size (like the thickness of aluminium foil on shop bought mice pies) between them. This will eliminate the dimmer and allow the time to be displayed in the dark. unaffected by the dimmer.. OR simply snip the red and black wires and join them together.

These clocks cost about £60.00 so it's worth doing.


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