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Robosapiens india and IIT-G presents Answered

'Short Term Internship Program in Robotics and Embedded 'C' certified by Techniche'09 IIT-Guwahati and robosapiens India.


STIP or Short Term Internship Program is a career oriented program which gives the participants the opportunity to have a tété-a-tété with the industrial approach to Robotics and Embedded C. It gives you an insight into micro controller and what goes into the making of an embedded system. This duration specific program has been introduced as a result of popular demand from participants of our previous programs.We fell proud to present you with this unique internship variation which will not only change the perception of an internship but will also improve its credibility and efficiency. The course outline is as follows:
Course Outline:-
• Embedded System Design and Robotics: An Introduction
• Microcontrollers & their Architecture
• Introduction to Embedded C Programming
• Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontrollers
• Project Building
• Introduction to concepts of RTOS

This course includes the Free Embedded system SDK to all participants.
Why this course is a ‘must’?

So why should a student go for STIP. We think the following summarizes the plethora of reasons why STIP is a dream for every embedded system and robotics enthusiast:
• Embedded System is best understood by applying it in robotics.
• Robotics and Embedded systems have a lot of scope in college projects.
• The AVR series that we will be using is the most commonly employed series for micro controller at both academic and industrial level.
• A participant gets to learn and apply Embedded C programming which is the main programming language for embedded systems with resource constraints.
• This is the best way to get to know other robotics enthusiast around the country.
• One gets to be in touch with the most talented and experienced professionals in this area of academics and interact with them.

STIP benefits in a nutshell:
• Exhaustive training with extensive guidance by our panel of experts.
• The project based completion of curriculum with both theory classes and hands on sessions.
• One can also buy development boards and other robot parts that we’ll use throughout the program.
• Certification by IIT Guwahati; Techniche’ 09.
• Accommodation facility for participants coming from far away locales.
Free Embedded system SDK kit includes :
• AVR series microcontroller Based Reserach plateform.
• 1 Atmega 16 Microcontroller.
• AVR series Universal Programmer.
• Connecting cables.
• 1 LCD display.
• Robosapiens india AVR Loader v1.0 Beta software package.
Certification by Techniche'09 IIT-Guwahati and Robosapiens India.
Robosapiens India ties up with Techniche'09 India Institute of Technology. All the participants will get a valid Certificate from us.
STIP Program cost includes:
• Two weeks instructor led exhaustive training.
• Two weeks of industry defined, project work.
• Take away Embedded system SDK Kit.
• Post Training assistance for Project work.
• Accommodation assistance.
Course Curriculum Details :

Embedded System Design: An Introduction
Introduction to micro controller is the first step to know about embedded systems. What is a micro controller? What’s inside it? What makes it an embedded system? What are the different families of microcontroller, its derivatives and its applications in industrial projects? Why AVR is the most widely used micro controller family?
What goes into designing an embedded system? Its criteria and handling resource constraints.

Introduction to Microcontrollers and AVR Architecture
This session includes introduction to the AVR series of micro controller, especially ATMega16, which we will be using in our program.
Introduction to ATMega16 features viz.
• I/O Ports.
• Data Registers
• Interrupts.
• Timer/Counter.
• External/Internal clocks
• ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion using ATMega16).
This session is for familiarization with various functional blocks of the microcontrollers and knowing the inside story of it.

Introduction to Embedded C Programming
• Embedded C-Programming for Microcontroller.
• Introduction to C, Flow control statements, functions.
• Data Types, operators and expressions.
• Program structures and debugging.
• Program Burning and Execution

Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontroller(Atmega 16)
• Actuators.
• Geared DC Motor.
• Stepper Motor.
• Motor Driver.
• Relays.
• Solid State Drivers.
• Integrated Circuit drivers.

Interfacing of various kind of Display devices
• Displays.
• LED.
• LCD.

Interfacing various human interface devices with the microcontroller.
• Input Devices.
• Switches.

Interfacing and Study of Sensors to enable microcontroller to acquire environmental data.
• Sensors.
• Temperature Sensors.
• Light Sensors.

Project Building and implementation of ideas
• Designing
• Devlopment
• Programming and customizing
• Debugging


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