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Robot Virtual World simulating program ? Answered

i'm looking for a program which i can simulate simple roaming robot with
something that have simple sensor
simple motor control
at least can simulate an object avoidance robot
but i don't want hard interfaced programs that needs 3d object making
just simple program



Best Answer 7 years ago

That's generally something you have to code up from scratch, since only you know what aspects of the simulation, and the robot, are important to you.

There are lots of programming games/toys which fit into this general category -- I spent some time playing with CROBOTS, for example, which is a programming game in which you try to design efficient and effective programs for a very simple simulation of combat robots. (Lots of fun to play against friends, to see whose robots can beat whose -- and it often demonstrates that the best approach against one challenger isn't the best approach against another). Websearch for "robot programming game" will probably find others.


Answer 7 years ago

"robot programming game"
this keyword was really helpful
best and only answer until now