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Robot having trouble resizing gifs? Answered

I just noticed that the title gif for AndyGadget's Piecax the poltergeist has lost quality when resized by Robot. The large and medium ones which haven't been resized appear fine but the small and thumb ones have been degraded.

I wonder if this is an issue for all gifs? I wouldn't know where to look for others, this one in my CD ible doesn't seem affected but it's just black and white unlike Andy's image which is more complicated.

But then...

I uploaded this one and it and it has the same problem. Where robot hasn't had to reduce the size it's fine, but when it resizes (small and thumb) some errors are introduced.

(reported from test account so as not to spam subscribers)


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10 years ago

I have seen this before, and not just .gifs. You only notice it sometimes, when you're really looking at the quality. e.g. if you make an avatar at low-res.