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Robot Answered

Hey, im wondering would anybody be able to make a tutorial on making a flame throwing robot with mindstorm.. as in with a can of lynx attached that the robot can press and spray onto a flame that is also on the robot? and i would also like the robot to be able to move.. would anybody be able to do this for me?




11 years ago

Not without hackin' the mindstorm for an extra motor... eg... 1x motor, to operate can 1x motor, to drive. you need another one to be able to steer. Although you could make a robot which holds till movement then drives directly forward, engages motor, flames, then retreats the way it came.


Reply 11 years ago

hang on a sec, havent had the set out in a while. Ok so you have three motors...

Just make the basic roamer, then mount a can on its back. Mount the motor aloft it, engaging the nozzle.

Although I must say you run the risk of $300 dollars going *Whoofka* into flames.