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Robots that Draw Circuit Scribe Projects and More @ Knox Makers February Build Nights w/ Circuit Scribe Answered

We had fun for a couple of Instructables Build Nights in February with Circuit Scribe at Knox Makers.

We kicked things off with an Intro to Circuit Scribe night so that everyone could get familiar with the kits, go home, and get some ideas on projects they would like to make. We had one guest who showed up and tinkered with the idea of adjusting motor speed by switching back and forth between short and long conductive ink paths in a unique way, and this led to a later project by another participant that we documented and uploaded as an Instructable.

We also had a member of our group who wanted to see if they could get our polargraph drawing machine to draw a Circuit Scribe project. This led to a Featured project in Technology >> Robots!

This is a list of the Instructables we came up with:

Circuit Scribe Drawing Robot
Adjustable Speed Circuit Scribe

We also created a 123D Circuits sketch here:
Masked Hero Blinkeneyes

Overall, we had a great time tinkering with the kits. We may have some more ideas floating around, and we were able to get some basic electronics experience into the hands of new learners who needed the exposure to some foundational basics of electronics. The kits helped with that as a kinesthetic approach, because learners were able to follow through exercises and see with their own eyes what happens when they manipulate electronics with their own hands.

We ended up adding the kits to our technology outreach cart, which we share with local libraries, museums, and schools in our area.

This was an excellent opportunity and a blast.