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Rockband DLC Review #1 - Metallica Pack Answered

I would like to review the Metallica song pack for Rockband. You can get these songs from your console's store. Please note I play these on EXPERT

...And Justice For All

This song = SUPER FUN! It can get you a good about 400,000 points if you play good.

Okay, first there is a guitar intro, drums come in, another guitar part, then the drums come in... after that part, there is a very annoying beat using ALL of the drums. It's not hard, it just hurts soooo bad.

Anyway, I will rate qualities out of 5 stars:

Pain Rating : 5/5
Fun Rating : 4/5
Length Rating 4/5*
Difficulty Rating 3/5 (but fun)

To be able to get through the painful part, you might want to use a warmup setlist. Try this:

Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
(Please Don't) Fear the Reaper
Cherub Rock
Next to You

Ride the Lightning

This song is kinda meh/kinda AWESOME. I mean, it's heavy, fun, but some parts a just really fast.

During Verse 3, there is a double bass hit... the fastest/hardest double bass hit in the history of Rockband.

Length:5 - not too long not too short
Difficulty: 5 - enough fun parts


When I first tried this I was like "Oh... My... GOD!!!!". But when I went into practice mode I realized it was an easy beat, but played 2 times faster. It is kind of like the main beat of "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?", but at least 2.5 times faster.

Warmup before this song! =

Pain: 5
Fun: 5
Length: 5
Difficulty: 5

Is this pack reccomendable? YES!! Get it immediately


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