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CRASHspace Group Roll Call! Answered

Welcome welcome CRASHers and other maker people to our hacker space group!

This is the time to introduce yourself. Tell us a little about yourself and about what you like to make/hack/disassemble. I'll go first.

My my name is Barb, and I'm your humble admin. I've been a member at Crashspace since early 2014, and am systematically conquering all tools the space has. At the time of writing, I'm very much into 3d printing on our Bukito and Bukobot. I also like woodworking, Arduino, electronics, paper, sewing, and plenty of other media. A recent project I'm proud of is my Hexachord, a giant 6-chambered, motorized, rotary string musical instrument.

Also, meet the Crashspace mascot, Sparkles, a magical (and functional) soldering unicorn. Sparkles likes heating things up. ;)


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6 years ago

Hi, I'm Dante! By day I make computers do other people's bidding. By night, I make much smaller computers do my bidding... eventually.

I have a few long-term projects, such as making an all-in-one vinyl digitizer box. However I've been learning that I have a lot more to learn about electronics before I can make a practical version of that device.

I've done plenty of technical writing over the years. Being an active member of a maker space has given me far more interesting things to write... and edit... and I'd better change that...