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Roof Top Siphon Answered

I have a flat roof that collects about an inch and a half or more of water after a good rain. I want to get it off with a battery powered siphon that would drain it into the gutter. Any ideas? drphoto1@verizon.net


Tool Using Animal

10 years ago

Skip the battery, here's my idea. Use some rigid plastic tubing (pex can be heat shaped) and have it lead from the deepest part to the gutter, use something small like 3/8ths, at some point there will be a "highest point", at the highest point you need to tap the siphon, use aquarium tubing, it should work, now lead the aquarium tubing off to a squeeze bulb of some sort (like they use on blood pressure cuff, or those used to clean ears). So it rains, you squeeze the bulb to apply a partial vacuum, the water is lifted to the top of the siphon, it starts flowing and tada, the roof is drained.