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Rook Card Game: Can anyone make an easy to follow Dummies guide to playing Rook for me? Answered

Hiya, I picked up a set of Rook cards in a charity store today and decided it would be a cool game to play.... After doing abit of digging online... i can't find anything that gives you the basics in clear English... i swear every video on youtube about it is in Southern American which being English makes it REALLY difficult to understand let alone follow...

I'm wanting to play both the two player and four player (to start) once i get the ground work i will be able to work it out myself... apparently the game is like hearts and bridge? both of which i have never played... so can someone please write me a clear and concise step by step instruction on how to play the game?

Thanks Chaps



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Reply 8 years ago

yeah, i saw alot of pages like that... but i was hoping that someone could do something visual abit like what this guy did here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYutcOIyxGM&feature=share where it shows you what the game is about

there is one video... but isn't fantastically well explained.