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Rooted Nexus 7 maxing out cpu Answered

I've had my Nexus 7 rooted for several days now, mainly for the use of multitouch gestures that I so loved on the ipad, and in that time my battery life has been terrible! I have found that there is only a few more processes running on the device (gmd gesture control and SuperSU) which are of course supposed to be there, but they seem to be maxing out my CPU  Every app I have used to monitor CPU usage (rooted or no) have all said my CPU is at 100% all of the time. After a lot of googling around I have still yet to find anyone saying anything about being rooted maxing out anyones CPU.

My question is, Is there any way I can stop root access from eating my cores and my battery?


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8 years ago

What does the stock 'battery' app show is using up the juice?

Perhaps try a different rooted rom?


Answer 8 years ago

The stock battery app was showing exactly what it is supposed to (screen was using 70ish% with the android OS and a few apps under that using around 7%) Before I tried rooting it again, I started looking at all the rooted apps I had used. When I posted the Q I had already uninstalled Network Spoofer and ruled it out as the culprate, Come to find out after poking around the XDA forums, Network Spoofer can max out your cpu and keep it maxed out until a reboot. I have since re- installed it and it still does max out my cpu but only some of the time.
So note to anyone using network spoofer!
Thanks for the help!