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Rope Light? Answered

I have a rope light that runs on a battery pack that holds 2 AA batteries. I want to use these lights to outline my grill on my truck. Is there a way to hook this up to the 12V electric system of the truck so I dont have to use batteries all the time?




3 years ago

2AA batteries mean 3V. Connecting that to 12V will not work. You could use 4 of those lights in series (Plus of the first to plus of car battery, minus of first to plus of second, minus of second to plus of third ... minus of fourth to battery minus).

For only one, you need a 3V voltage regulator (that converts the extra 9V to heat, look for LM317 or 7803) or a voltage converter (12V to 3V in your case) which is more complicated but wastes less energy. Look for DC/DC converter or buck converter.


Answer 3 years ago

Look for something like this. The 0.3V extra are no problem.

And make sure that the traffic police is happy about those extra lights on your car.