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Rotating Powered Display for GEEK swag Answered

OK, Ill admit it, I'm a nerd.  I'm a Star Wars fan, and I got a new den that I want to geek out.

I have a museum-quality X-wing fighter that I want to display on a counter top (&&&).  The piece
has a display base, and a acrylic post that the model sits on - and through which three wires
go up into the model and illuminates the outer engines, and numerous cockpit fiber-optic
display bits.  It is uber-cool to look at in the dark. 8-)

But I want to fab a custom display base that ROTATES so the model does a slow 360 revolution
over, say, a minute or so.  But I also want to KEEP the lights.

So, my puzzle is this..

How can I fab POWER RINGS, so that my model can display its lights as it revolves?


Is there any way I can hack some kind of cheapo commercial wireless power conduction
thing, so that I dont really NEED hard wires at all.  I can rig some rechargeable battery
pack onto the rotating display base, and something that transmits the power on the
table-top base (that doesnt rotate). 

To be clear, the motor that does the rotation OF the base I can wire directly to the wall,
But for the LEDs built into the model, I figure I need maybe 40mW of DC power that
I want transferred to the batteries on the top to juice the model while turned on.

I get this idea from my Wii wireless controller recharger.  I only have to put the controllers
onto a special plate plugged in to the wall when not being used, and they recharge.  With
this, SOMEHOW, power is getting to the batteries in the charger *without* being directly
wired to the charging adapter.

Anyway, since everyone on this site is a genius, I know the can give me an idea or two.



&&& If you're interested, it's the eFX Collectibles RED FIVE X-Wing Studio Scale model,


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