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Rotating/revolving bookcase Answered

I wonder if you could offer any advice on this idea of mine.  I’m looking to design/make a bookshelf that revolves.  Like this www.youtube.com/embed/XkYvXMYnTxc?list=UU_UK-sPqzXj10PvfUCf39lg TV on one side and books on the other.  The setup I want to make isn’t the same as this, but the mechanism would be exactly the same.  Any ideas on how to DIY this?  ​The space I have to do it is 16" deep, 39" wide and about 50" high

I've searched around and can't find any info on where to buy the brackets/arms/runners that may be needed.  There are also wall beds that do the same thing on a much larger scale - but the process in principal is the same.

I feel like the solution is fairly simple, but I don’t know where to start.  Any help would be brilliant, thanks.  This guy looks like he'd know how to do it https://www.instructables.com/id/Hidden-Door-Bookshelf/?ALLSTEPS



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6 years ago

This seems to show the mechanism the best

Do you think it's possible to DIY with store bought components?