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Rugged external pull up/down resistor connection Answered

How do you people install a pull up/down resistor in a very stable rugged way.

I want to hook up a pull up resistor to a sensor but I only have a cheap color coded resistor and if I solder it would be a messy hack and not a rugged long term solution. Of course I would like to buy a rugged solution, but I hit a wall with google, maybe my keywords aren't right. But I am pretty sure i am not the only one with this issue.RufusMapQuestUpToDate


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2 years ago

No offence but soldering is the most rugged way to attach a resistor.
I am assuming soldering is not really your best skill and you need a way out?

Giving us much more details would certainly help here.
Pull resistors usually go between ground/positive and an input on a microcontroller.
The only other reason to use them is in arrays.
And if you have the problem that you need to connect a sensor to a controller AND have pull resistor inuse then again soldering is the best option.
You can get scre terminals for this task too that you just push on the pins and then screw the resistor toit without soldering - but it gets big, does not always fit (size for a case, shields and so on) and also can casue additional problems with bad connections.