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Run AC device on DC: An idea, could it work? Answered

I need to run an AC powered audio mixer on DC current from a battery.
Yes, I could buy a power inverter, but I want to make the system the simplest I can, and I also have an old small mixer I'm not using (that I can experiment on).
I'm self taught on electronics, so please tell me if there's any inaccuracies in the following lines:

My idea is to find where in the circuit AC gets converted into DC, and then at that point feed the DC current from my battery. I think that point would be right after the bridge rectifier.

So, in shot: Can I connect de dc output from my baterry to the end of my audio mixer bridge rectifier?

Thank you!!



2 years ago

At least some smart thinking inside a request for once :)
Done that stuff a few times and in many cases the voltage used is not what your battery will supply, sometimes with audio equippment you also need a negative voltage additionally to the "normal" supply voltage.
Assuming you only need one or two positive voltages the best option is to use a voltage regulator with good filters (check datasheet).
A mixer should not need much power so you can avoid noisy step up or step down converters.


2 years ago

sounds good. Get polarity right.