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Run servo motor for specific time? Answered

i need to run the servo motor just for 5 sec ( for example ), then after that, the servo will remain back off until specific time come back. this servo mainly use for feeding in aquarium system. I want the servo run twice per day. 



3 years ago

555 timer - accuracy may be variable.

Microprocessor + real time clock. Most accurate.


Answer 3 years ago

Personally I would use one of those Christmas light timers, which would have, say, a 7 volt DC power block plugged into it (I'm sure you could find one), a couple of relays, and a simple brush type switch on the arm of the servo. When power is applied, one relay would allow the servo to operate, and when the brush switch activates on the servo after x rotations (could use part of the spring from a tape measure to make it push out as it turns and make contact maybe), which would activate the other relay, bypassing and holding the first open until the whole thing resets when the timer resets. Crazy and over complicated but it's how I do things haha