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Running a car alternator with a car battery? Answered

the car alternator that i have don't have any magnets inside. it is not a universal ac/dc motor because when i hooked up car battery to it. it wont run. how does it run in the car.

is there any circuit that i need to make to make the motor run here is the pictures that i took

there is only a F written next to the green wire and a N on the top right of the motor just after the green wire.

the white wire is very thick



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's not a motor.

It's an AC generator (alternator) that creates AC current when rotated. There are no magnets because both the rotor and stator are ELECTRO-MAGNETS. A tiny 'prime' current is applied to give the coil it's first magnetic field, which is used where the permenant magnets would be used in a PM motor. Then, that field induces a current in the other coil, which extracts energy from the rotating motion.

To drive it you need to rewire the brushes/etc to apply current in the right timing rather than extract it.


Answer 8 years ago

the rotor is just a number of iron cores glued together. there is no coil.
anyway, i must excite the coil to generate more power when rotated.
so can i use it in a wind turbine with an appropriate controller.

by the way, is this your photo frollard???


Answer 8 years ago

Yes, it is a picture of me. People think its a stock photo because it's so awesome but really thats me!

In order to use an alternator as a turbine, you really need to spin it at the rpm's it was designed for, ideally in the 1000+ range...Otherwise it won't excite enough to generate efficiently. That's the beauty of the permenant magnet generator - it's output is directly proportional to the input power.


8 years ago

It won't turn on DC, but your comment suggests that you actually want to use it for the design-purpose of generating electricity?