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Running a fog machine and LEDs from battery pack Answered

So I have this idea that will require a fog machine, some LED's, and a switch to turn them both on at the same time.
The mechanical issues I have figured out, I just need a little help with the electronics.
I plan to have this rig be mobile, as in backpack mounted, and I have no problem carrying a 12 volt battery on my back to accomplish this task.
I need help on the specific electronics required in order to rig it together.
To the best of my understanding, I need a 12 volt battery, an inverter/power outlet, and POSSIBLY a microcontroller, but I'd like to avoid the later at all costs, haha.
Fog machine I intend to use would be 400 watt since it seems to be the most viable. If I can swing a KW one that would be awesome.
And the LEDs would be either red or blue. I'd like a switch in the set up to allow for the fog/LEDs to be activated at the same time.
URL to machine below:

What I really need to know is how to set up the 12v to accept the 400w fog machine, if it's possible, and what type of gauge wire/cooling systems I would need if I chose to run this on my back for safety. And if you could help with the logistics of recharging the battery, that would be sweet as well.



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8 years ago

i know this question is almost a year old but for anyone else reading, all you should need is one of those converters you plug into your car cigarette lighter and then you have a standard power outlet, as long as your using a car battery of sorts. then just wire a cigarette lighter(get it at pick n pull, or any auto shop, or the internet) to the battery, probably via jumper cables, cut one end of the cables off and wire it to the cigarette lighter and stick it into a plastic project box. then just plug in the converter fog machine to it and voila!

you can probably get away without cooling systems as long as you put adequate venting to the fog machine, dont put too much stuff around it.