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Hi, I bought a brand new Samsung TV with a broken screen in an auction. I have removed the panel and all modules (not needed) but can anybody tell me how to power the LEDs with a 12v (?) power source in order to make a daylight panel for a windowless room. Picture shows the LED units.

Thank you in anticipation.



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1 year ago

Seems you had more luck on the LED's than I had...
Mine are always on metal strips and require a heatgun.

Usually they are powered with about 48V for one of the strips.
For 12 V and if your panel is similar enough you would need 1/4 of the strip length, plus a suitable resistor.
I have to assume you have some basic equippment....
Take a bench top power supply, turn the amp limiter down as far as it goes.
Connect one LED and slowly increase the voltage until it starts to produce some light.
The voltage you need should be somewhere between 2.2 and 3V.
Now take 6 LED in series and try if you can light them up on 12V, if not try again with 5LEDS, then 4...
Once you have a number that produces enough light without going full brigthness calculate the required resistor.
E.G: they run on 12V in series and require 22mA.
Then the resistor would need to be around 545Ohm, select the next bigger size from the E- line.

Other option is to use a LED driver.
The limit the amps to a healthy amount but you need to have enough LED's in series to match the voltage of the driver.
The work the other way around!
Means you need enough LED's in parallel to match the amps the driver puts out - and enough LED's in series to get within the voltage range.
Quite common for small LED light panels are driver with an output of 700mA and an output voltage between 25 and 48V.
The LED's get whatever the need in voltage but the driver limits the amps so the LED's won't burn out.
Cheap drivers can even be found in your local hardware store now.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Are you sure all the modules you removed are not needed?

I mean, are the LEDs emitting light right now?

May I humbly suggest the reason why the LEDs are not emitting light, is because the module that drives current through the LEDs has been disconnected and turned off.

Powering the LEDs without the original driver circuits will require you to essentially build whole new driver circuits for those, and doing that will require knowledge about how the LEDs in this panel are connected together.

The easiest way to find that knowledge, is if there exists a service manual for this TV, supposing the authors of that manual were kind enough to explain how the LED panel works.

Otherwise, you will have to discover how the LED panel works, by examining it closely, to determine which wire goes where, and how all the little LEDs are connected together.