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SF Climate Challenge Answered

If you live in San Francisco, this sounds like a great contest.


The contest is among teams of five or more households. There are several ways to get involved. You can start your own team with your friends, families or coworkers. You can join an existing team. Or you can just sign up solo as part of your local neighborhood team.

The contest begins October 25th. You spend your next PG&E* billing period doing everything you can to reduce your energy use. The more energy your team saves, the better your chances of winning.

It can be as simple as turning off a few lights and lowering the thermostat, to as dramatic as installing solar panels on your roof or creating a human-powered generator. It's all up to you.

At the end, we compare the contest period with your bills from the same time last year, and dish out cash and prizes to the teams who've done the best and come up with the most creative solutions. Even if that isn't you, you'll still have saved some money on your power bill and helped fight global warming. So in a sense, everyone wins.


Greatest absolute reduction in energy use: $5,000
Greatest percentage reduction in energy use: $5,000
Greatest reduction by a School: $2,500
Greatest reduction by a neighborhood organziation: $1,000
Greatest reduction by a business or other organziation: $1,000



11 years ago

my sister might move to downtown Oakland for college, is she eligible?


Reply 11 years ago

I live in Oakland, and I'm not eligible! It's only for SF residents.