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SG90 servos Answered

I have some SG90 servo motors.

I just bought some mini lasers on Ebay.

I programmed an arduino to oscillate the servo back and forth 45 degrees.

I mounted a tiny laser on the servo arm.

I want to repeat this 20 times and make a moving laser show to be incorporated into my Christmas lights next year. I'm thinking I could mount the servos under the roof overhang and have them pointing down at the sidewalk, sweeping back and forth.

My question is how reliable are these servos? Will they run for 5 hours a night every night in December?

I have one on my desk sweeping back and forth and it seems ok, but I haven't run it for a month either.

Thanks in advance



1 year ago

I would not use a servo for this.
Take a cheap syncronous motor like from an old microwave plate drive.
Add a crank and move the mirror with a fulcrum.
Motor can spin for years and how much the mirror moves only depends on how you adjust it.


1 year ago

These types of micro servos have little itty bitty plastic gears and are notorious for breaking. That said, it does not sound like you are putting too much strain on them, so that is good.

If they are outside in December, the cold itself should not matter. However, if moisture gets in and freezes, it will likely seize the gears and/or destroy the motors.

On one hand, you get what you pay for. If you spent a bit more, you can get some nice metal gear standard sized servos which should be a little bit more reliable.

On the other hand, these are so cheap, you could also just replace them as they break.


Answer 1 year ago

Thank you.
I forgot to mention I live in So Cal so it doesn't really freeze here.
Or rain either. haha