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SIGGRAPH2010 - Emerging Technologies Exhibition Answered

Last week I went to Los Angeles to attend my first Siggraph conference. There were so many different events to attend throughout the week. I spent the majority of my time exploring the emerging technologies exhibit. With all the interactive and innovative demonstrations it felt like I had stepped into the future for a moment!

In this slide show I will highlight my favorites from emerging technologies. Some of these pictures were taken by me and some I took of their website (you will be able to tell which are which). If you see something that interests you I would suggest following the links I provide to learn more.

Organized by picture
(put cursor in top left corner of picture to figure out what picture you are looking at)

Colorful Touch Palette (1)
This is an electro-tactile stimulation systems that allows the user to feel and experience the tactile sensations of painted textures. Blend and combine textures to create new sensations.

Shaboned Display - An Interactive Substantial Display Using Soap Bubbles (Favorite) (2-5)
This was my favorite exhibit in emerging technologies even though parts of the bubble machine weren't working. This system is designed to show images in a matrix of soap bubbles. Air pumps lie beneath the display controlling the size and shape of the bubbles by monitoring the amount of air released.

This system is also interactive! When a bubble pops (touch a bubble with your finger) a musical note will play!

LED Tile by Junichi Akita @ Kanazawa University (6-7)
Use a laser pointer to draw on these tiles to create patterns on LEDs.  To create large display areas connect individual units of LEDs which will allow them to communicate.   You can also interact with these displays in various ways.  Tilt the tiles and the LED patterns will look like they're falling off the tile in the direction tilted.

360-Degree Autostereoscopic Display (8-9)
3D graphics with out 3D glasses.  Using 360-degree autostereoscopic display technology you are able to view all angles of a 3D volumetric objects.

I don't understand all the technical details, but this I do understand...you can use this technology for 3D interactive games, cool!  You can see in the images there is an interface to play BrickBreaker.  Walk around the device as you are playing the game.

Imaging Skyping with this!!!!!!!!

Haptic Canvas: Dilatant Fluid-Based Haptic Interaction (10)
This new technology allows you to experience new haptic sensation by putting your hand in a pool filled with dilatant fluid..

Dilatant fluid is just a 1:1 mixture of starch and water.  It has a solid-like state when an external force is applied to it (grabbed, pushed, or tapped).  And it has a liquid-like state when it is free from the external force.

This research is to create a new haptic interaction using this dilatant fluid by controlling the change in state, or dilatancy, of the fluid.  They have created a glove with a sucking tube and a filter which creates a change in state of the dilatant fluid.  The haptic sensations come from the friction between the jammed particles around the finger and at the bottom of the pool.

You can see me trying this device (I don't think the camera man understood what I asked him to get me in the frame, but you can see my hand!).  This video gives a great explanation.

Meta Cookie (11-12)
Imagine eating a lemon and it tasting like chocolate!  This is the worlds first "pseudo-gustation system" which allows humans to perceive various tastes by changing visual and olfactory information.


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10 years ago

Any idea who was responsible for the autostereoscopic display? I've seen a number of things claiming to be "glasses-free 360 degree 3D displays" and I don't really believe any of them (except the ones using persistence of vision to display in an actual 3D space). Did it look 3D without you moving your head?