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Yay, taking forever to do stuff! Haven't really accomplished anything big since the summer. Believe me, I keep fiddling around with my K'nex every now and then but things just don't quite work out and then I'll lose patience. Anyway, my current project is based on something I originally made just for fun as a refinement to a previous weapon I made just for fun. It was made to look realistic but otherwise was completely nonfunctional. I'm naming it the SMRI mostly just to be pronounced "samurai" but I'll figure out an acronym for it. Some of the features were a removable front sight, top and side rails designed for real/airsoft rail accessories and a bottom rail for K'nex accessories, and then a fake charging handle that locked back when the magazine is out of the weapon. It would then be triggered when inserting a fresh mag. The idea is that if it were a real weapon, I'd like a feature where on the last shot, the bolt is not only held open, but it automatically closes when a fresh magazine is in place. The overall style of the weapon probably resembles some real weapons, though unintentionally. My goal was to avoid the AK and AR-15 platform styles. So I designed the gun completely convinced I'd never make it shoot because it was too aesthetic-based. My main problem was designing the front of the gun to be open enough to allow a bullet to fly through it. Well, I modified the front sight set up just a bit to give enough space for a bullet to comfortably fly through. Overall I want to keep the design of the gun very similar, though I'll have to improve the stock, figure out the best way to incorporate a firing mechanism, and probably add a magazine lock. I was very pleased with the look of it, so I'm really hoping I can make this one shoot. I'll keep you posted. Of course classes, work, and social situations keep me occupied so I don't know how long it might take me.



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Reviving this out the blue. I was having another mental block going back and forth between gun ideas until I finally settled on this.

So I liked my SMRI a lot and decided that I'd just start rebuilding that because even if I couldn't get it to fire, I'd enjoy just having it around. I also feel bad that I started it but left it for Red to fire and never got my own firing version out. For a couple months now I just left it partially finished as I was trying to figure out how to attach the magazine. Last night I wasn't in the mood to play games so I picked back up on the SMRI to see what I could figure out. I suddenly had it, made a nice fitting mag well as well as a mag lock that works beautifully. It's an AK style lever behind the magazine. The magazine is made for dark greys. It's setup a little differently than Red's but I don't know how reliable it is yet. I've yet to add a trigger and I'm trying to figure out what kind of stock I'd like on it, I'll post a picture when I've got those figured out. Firing is still not my main priority. I'm more concerned about its looks and ergonomics, so I don't know how it will perform (if it'll even fire reliably). For example in order to have my nice mag well, I had to sacrifice on the barrel design, and dark greys alone don't fire all too reliably, so I don't even know if it'll leave the hand guard area. Here's hoping it works nicely.


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Added Red's stock to mine, just changed the way it's connected to the gun. Just need to add a trigger and trigger guard.

I'm having trouble adding a trigger and trigger guard. I experimented with integrating the trigger guard with the mag release but it wasn't as comfortable to strip the magazine with my thumb, but it was a bit of a stretch for my index finger to push. Perhaps I'll just post a picture and you can have a go. Again, I'm nervous if it'll even fire reliably.


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Would it be a problem to jump in? I need a project. I could help with the trigger at least.


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Yeah, no problem. I'll get pictures after work today if I remember.


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Oh poo I forgot pictures. Mkay, I'll note to do it today.


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Pictures ahoy. Just took two. I can get specifics if necessary.

Again, I don't have a real trigger on there or a trigger guard. The magazine was haphazardly thrown together and not as clean as I'd like, but I believe it should work. At first I didn't like the grey connector sticking up, but it helps makes sure the magazine and barrel line up, plus it's what engages the mag lock, which works quite well.

Looking at the gun from the picture now, it looks a bit off to me thanks to the new mag well position, but I dunno I like it in person.


Looks like a great start man! You have no idea how ecstatic I am to see you building again. =D

Now all I need is some internal pics...

I just need to finish up with my ARX-160 Steel Bite (its posted, BTWs) and I can then start up on my old SMRI with your new mods.

Oh, not to burst anyone's bubble, but I can't say I'm to big of a fan on the adjustable crane stock... I just don't think it fits the SMRI... I think a solid looking, thinner, fixed, stock would be a better fit... Maybe that's just me... What do you think?

I try. Really wish I had a new concept to introduce though.

I'll rip open the side when I get home. I don't care for how the barrel is set up, it's bound to break pieces. But it made for a nice mag well, so I don't know. It can be modified.

I'd have no objection. I like both. My initial problem with my "wire" stock was it wasn't all that strong, though I imagined a stronger way to make one. I may try that out instead. Look forward to whatever you come up with.


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Yeah, no problem. I'll get pictures after work today if I remember.

Sick Boys! I can't wait to see this!!! I'd love to help, once I'm done with my ARX-160 Steel Bite... (New forum topic coming soon)

Now it's just a matter of finding a time to add the trigger and stock. The trigger is tricky because I only have a little horizontal space to work with, so I'm trying to make a mostly vertical trigger. Currently trying to adapt my UMP's but haven't had luck. And the stock I'm not sure. I like yours and I had another idea for an adjustable one, but I'm running low on orange connectors and might not be able to make a good one.

You going to give it another shot? You might like my mag well and release design.

Another ARX? I want to like the weapon, but it's so bulky looking. It otherwise looks like it performs awesomely as a weapon. Just can't get over its chunky design. But then you know me, I like my compact weapons. Still, I look forward to seeing another one of your works.

I have pictures ready to make my own 'ible, do you mind if I post a slideshow, or would you prefer that I post just a forum topic?

Somehow your comment snuck past the other ones and I never saw it...wat. Anywho, if you actually want to help me rebuild it, that'd be cool. I've got the body mostly built but I'm trying to figure out what sort of firing mechanism I want in it. And then I also need to figure out how to make the magazine lock in.

I saw that and wondered weather you had seen my comment. At the time of writing that comment, I did not really take the time to elaborate, but I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to me. I find a ton of your guns and forum topics REALLY interesting, and hope to achieve your status someday.

I would love to help you build it, it looks like a really good looking gun, but the only thing I don't get is your "fake barrel"? How do you get it to be round like that?

Thanks, man, you're an inspiration too. In a dying hobby, you're still consistently pulling out new builds and trying different concepts.

I was pleased with coming up with this fake barrel long ago. It could actually be used as a real barrel, but of course that'd cause a lot of friction. Basically, if you stick orange connectors between the little gaps in the snowflakes, not in the normal connection slots, it gives you a rod size barrel instead of a connector size one. Then if you rotate the orange connectors after that, they sit nicely against the ones on the side, creating a rounded barrel. Though I cheat and use a band to keep the barrel tight together and a connector inside it to keep it spaced evenly. Anywho, it's nice because it is its own construction that's held in by "pins" so you can trade it out for a longer or shorter one. I figure that'd be another feature of this gun.

If you do feel like helping out, I can get you more pictures and I'll let you mod away at it.

I am glad you think so. That is a very high complement, especially coming from TheDunkis. But.... do you really think that K'NEX is a dying hobby...?

When it come to working on this model (I'll probably commence building it either today or tomorrow) I am not entirely sure if the fake barrel is really feasible, I fancy that, in the occurrence that this model works out, it will just get in the way of practicality. What do you think, is it possible to incorporate into the "real," firing model of the gun?

Yes, I'd love more pics if you could spare them...

Eh, I know I'm not as prestigious as some make me out to be. I had my share of good projects and helped start some concepts, but I haven't developed my building skills nearly as steeply as most of the KIers did. And yeah, K'nex on this site is a lot less popular than it once was. Back when less things were built the majority of the front page on the forums had daily posts in them. There was something new almost every day. Granted, it was because we also had fads like sidearms and whatnot. There just aren't as many K'nexers. I want to fix that, get people from outside this site into K'nexing but I don't know how best to do that yet.

Oh, I thought that at first too. But if we make the real barrel located against the top of the gun, there should be plenty of room for it to fly past the fake barrel without hindrance. I modified the sight since to allow a bullet through. Yeah, hang on, let me get some pictures of the front. Any others that you need? Pretty much all of the body can be seen, and it'll have entirely different internals by the time we're done.

Well, you may not think you are as "prestigious" as some might think, but all the same, you did not get 326 followers by doing nothing.

Admittedly, K'NEX is not as popular as it used to be, and I can't really tell you why that is, but at the same time, we have more experienced builders than you did in "your era." Again, I am not sure why there are less K'NEX gun "lovers," but I am not sure if I would classify K'NEX "gunning" as a dying hobby.

I am pretty sure we could get the mech to fire over the fake barrel, I do that with almost all of my guns... At the same time, the body looks a bit thin, but I am sure we could figure it out. I am not sure that, as of yet, I really understand how the barrel all locks into the body of the gun, so if you could get some pics of those connections that would be great (I have always been kinda thick-headed when it comes to stuff like this). I was also thinking that we might have to move the handle back one connecter, as that would allow for a good magazine relese set up, but that would be the easy way, and I am sure we could figure it out the way you have it now.

Haha one advantage of being older. It took less to impress people back then. Should've been around for the side arm fad. Heck, even the oodammo pistol fad was fairly substantial.

That's the thing, there was more to build and it was easier to do so. I don't know why it's harder getting people interested, though. My TDS for example, that was something simple by today's standards but beautifully simple at the time. Anyone could make a similar looking pistol and have it be their own. Magazine guns in general were more accepted because we didn't have bolt action or turrets popularized just yet. Removable magazines were becoming a big thing. I'll just sum it up that the overall standards were lower and it was easier to be innovative. The standard features of today were things we came up with and made popular years ago.

Yeah, I took these last night but I'll get more as necessary. And we could cut the top off and use yellows instead of snowflakes if we need to, that should give enough clearance for sure and not look too bad. I do want to make it so they're easier to swap out because I added that weird bottom part for aesthetics without caring that it made swapping more cumbersome. Overall, my building style is to keep things compact. As such, if we can avoid extending the gun, that'd be nice, but not the end of the world if we can't. In that case, we can just make an overall nicer mag well.

2014-01-20 22.59.41.jpg2014-01-20 23.00.47.jpg

That is very true, and I slowly (but steadily) gain subscribers. I believe that I am at about 164 subbers by now, and that is pretty crazy, at least for me. XD, you still have about double of what I have.

Yeah, I have never been much of an innovator, so I am pretty sure that I would have fit in better then than now. But, if that was, lets just say, 3 years ago, I would have been pretty immature, at least online.

Thanks for those pics, they should do fine. I'll start building this after noon, and we'll see where that goes. I should have plenty of pieces left over from my R5, but we'll have to see. Alright, I'll try to make my gun as "piece conservative" as possible, ever since I got more K'NEX, I have been kinda spin-thrift in that way, but I have just one question... What do you want my attitude to be about broken pieces? Are you O.K. with me using them, or would you prefer that I not? I know that I might need to use them for the magazine...

As far as active subscribers, you probably have more. I gained a lot from early builds and now just get one every month or so. Once upon a time when I was competitive it was indeed exciting and we cared a lot about ratings too. Now it's just a number =P

Alright, awesome I look forward to it. I heavily request you avoid cut rods. Green rods inside gaps work wonders for three layer parts. I understand this will make the magazine tricky. Otherwise I don't mind literally broken pieces that people have naturally.

Be that as it may, half of my subscribers, if not more, are just like internet scamers. I can't tell for the life of me why they subscribe, I mean, after all, they subscribe to like 3 people, make no comments on anything, and don't post anything.

Sounds good, I'll get started here pretty soon. I'll do my best not to use modified pieces.

Alright, well here are some pics of my current progress. I am running rather low on green rods right now, as a result of having both the R5 and the SMRI built, but I still have enough to finish this project, easily. You will notice that I had to change parts of the main panels and the fake barrel, but again, this gun is still in progress, so nothing is decided yet. As of right now, I am really worried about the mag well and magazine lock, as there really is not much room... As it is, the mag falls out if you don't hold it. That trigger mech is really nice, and works great, at least, it operates. Let me know what you think.

How about you, how's yours coming along?


That's looking pretty sweet, man. I like the trigger. The barrel isn't a huge deal and still looks nice, though I'll probably modify mine a little. Also, the reason I use light grey connectors instead of reds on the front grip, well aside from just having a limited supply of reds, is because I like leaving the middle gaps open in the yellows as a form of K'nex rail for adding whatever sort of foregrips people like. But otherwise again not a huge deal, I personally prefer the feeling of holding the front grip too.

Yeah, let me analyze your magazine and see if I can't figure out a mag lock. The way I had it before, friction alone held it in as long as it wasn't thrown around, which was another factor in why I didn't think I could make it fire. My only progress is having the entire front built and the shell of the body. I'm thinking about what I want to do about the firing mechanism. A straight up pin is fine, but then I'd probably open up the side and add a connector to give it a charging handle look. I'm considering bolt action in some form, though not exactly sure how.

Thanks man, and I am glad you like it, but it is not much different from yours above...

O.K., now I see, you and I are going to make our own, possibly completely different internally (say that ten times fast), and then post them as a collaboration 'ible? I have one request, do you mind if I move my handle back, as there really isn't much room for a trigger guard of magazine lock with the current setup? It won't change the body in any way, all I am going to do is move the handle back one connecter... Is that O.K. with you?

Do as you wish. You can mod it up how you want, I'll see what I can do as well. The idea is we can inspire each other and figure out things as we compare.

Thanks for the "permission" bro. XD Here are some more updated pics. You'll notice that I had to move the grip and magazine back towards the stock, but overall, I think this makes it look better (IMO). Tell me what you think.


Actually, that's not bad at all. You could try changing the yellows at the front of the well into greens if they're not necessary and then getting rid of the light grey connectors. I originally had it that way and then used a rocking magazine but eventually opted for a straight in magazine, that's why I ended up changing it to the way you saw it. So I wouldn't mind going back to the way I had it before, would probably look better given the new layout. Yeah, I think I'll continue to work on mine using this as the basis. So you have a working mag lock? How's it work?

Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I think that I'll take your suggestion, and I believe it will enhance the looks a tad. Go ahead and continue working on yours, once I'm done with Defiance (R5) I'll have plenty of pieces to build other things, so you can take your time. As to the magazine lock, I don't have one. The setup that I have now is so tight, it makes the necessity of a magazine lock irrelevant. So essentially, its held in by friction, but because you seem pretty set on the idea of a magazine lcok, I'll see what I can do. I am trying to think of something that will make this gun special, as of right now, all it is is a simple pin gun.

Oh, I don't need one personally. I'm fine with the idea of friction holding it in too, as long as it's still reliable.

Aye, that's what I'm thinking about too. As for non-firing features, one idea like I said before was to have hot-swappable barrels to mimic being a modular weapon. Also, given this new setup, it may be possible to use larger magazines too, but I wouldn't try too hard on that. I fiddled around with the idea of an adjustable stock. If the body were extended to act as a housing for the frame of the stock, it'd be possible to make an adjustable version.

For firing features, I'd have to toy around with ideas.

Alright, if you don't think we need one, I don't think that I need to take the time to work on one. The magazine system I have in there works great. In fact, its kinda hard to pull the magazine out...

I have already added a fully functioning adjustable stock, that, once finished, will really enhance the looks of the gun. I also plan on adding a bi-pod to give it more a an LMG/LSW look. As to hot-swappable barrels, that would be kinda cool, but I really don't see the need. After all, our K'NEX barrels don't (usually) get hot, unless, of course, you are shooting a flaming arrow.

As to your commmetn about firing features, all I can say is +1.

Awesome work, man. I look forward to seeing your next version. I figured out my own method of magazine loading, but I still want to figure out a firing mechanism before I dedicate to it. Actually, I was thinking that because I'm planning on firing grey connectors with green rods, which are fairly short, I might try implementing my old concept of having the firing pin actuate a bolt action system. I feel it'd be very doable on this gun if you want to help me give it a shot. I've two different ideas about how to do it.

Very, very nice. That stock goes well with it. It's really turning out. Another challenge for you, make a Beta C-Mag that still functions has a magazine but otherwise just has the dual drums for looks, completing the Infantry Automatic Rifle look. Hopefully I can finish mine up this weekend. I may spend time planning out my capstone project, though, for college.

Thanks man, and I thought the same thing. The stock really turned out. I accept your challenge, and I have an idea or two as to how I can pull off a magazine like that. Thanks for the idea man, you are ingenious.

Thank ye. So how's it coming? I wasn't able to finish my version quite yet. What I did do was come up with an idea for my own more compact adjustable stock, though I have yet to try it out. I still like yours, I just wanted to try being original instead of copying too many of your modifications. Wouldn't be fair if you did most of the work. =P Still trying to figure out exactly how to incorporate the firing mechanism I'm imagining. I'm thinking I could figure out how to make it so when the pin hits the back of the gun, it chambers another round. Have you actually test fired your version? What do you use for ammo? I'm planning on using dark greys with green rods. What I'm worried about is no matter how much space we open up, the ammo would spin out and not fire cleanly through the front of the gun.

Thou art very welcome indeed. How's the gun coming along? Well, below are some pics for you, and I think I can attach a video that has not been uploaded to YouTube yet, I'll see what I can do, it may not work.

As to the stock, I like how you think. It is befitting that ours should be different, all the same, it really is not that big of a deal.

On the topic of the firing mech, I really don't know how you are gonna pull it off. You are (apparently) much smarter than I am. =P Have I test fired my version? Yes, somewhere between 5 - 10 times, but it is still under construction and in need of a black FP. My only black FP is being used in Defiance right now. What am I using for ammo? Same as you are (I just modded my magazine today). The mag currently uses one broken white rod, but that is not necessary in any way, and can be taken out.

In relation to the ammo, I think that what you describe happens almost every time anywho, so I would not be too worried with that.

Here are the pics and the video (which I am not sure will work):


Still haven't made much progress since my last comment. I work and/or have classes until 5:30 every day, I eat, I do homework, I may or may not hang out with people, I repeat. I squeeze in building time when I can.

Glad you get what I mean. Options for the sake of options are nice.

Well, I'll fiddle with it when I've finally settled on a mag well and stock design. It's tricky because I'd have to redesign the barrel, a chambering pin and barrel, and trigger all at once inside the body. I think once you see what I'm trying to do, you could figure out how to do it too. I'll get pictures if I remember when I get back.

So how well did it fire from the few shots you did? You say they spin out?

Excellence, man, excellence. I'm liking how you turned into an IAR-like weapon gradually. I'll watch the video when I'm home.

Looking good as always. I apologize but I've hit a point where I've just either not had time or haven't been interested enough to work on it. I still have it lying on my desk ready to be worked on some time, but upon not figuring out what so of firing mechanism I wanted to try, I just put it off. I'll need some day when I'm really bored yet inspired and without homework.

Thanks man. I can understand how that is, I have hardly spent time with my K'NEX the last two weeks. Only on Sunday nights really.

Just did some work this morning and last night. It was kind of rushed given my small amount of time, so I'll still probably tweak it a bit, but otherwise I've nearly finished the body. I don't know what to do about the stock, I may just use something similar to yours. I've run almost out of orange connectors so I can't do what I was originally planning, nor am I sure it would be strong enough. I also need to figure out a mag lock. The firing mechanism is simple, I just did something akin to my UMP with a charging handle-esque firing pin. Overall, I'm liking the way it looks, but I have doubts on how well it'll fire.

Hmm, have to checked the range yet? I still have mine in its entirety, but I am kinda at a stand-still. I need to finish my MP5K(s) and post a slideshow, then I can take it apart and work more on the SMRI IAN. What other featuers do you think we should (I should) add?