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Salami Fridge/ Fermentation Chamber Answered

I am trying to set up a salami / prosciutto fridge at home. This is good for everybody haha.


Salami needs certain parameters to correctly culture and age.

Day1 22-24C 95% Humidity

Day2 18-20C 90% Humidity

Day3 16-18C 85% Humidity

Day4 14-16C 80% Humidity

Day5 12-14C 80% Humidity

Day6 12-14C 75% Humidity

Day7 10-12C 75% Humidity

To Age 10-12C 75% Humidity

I have-

a domestic fridge which I have cut and fitted an exhaust fan in the front

a humidifier

a light globe (for warming)

a grey electrical box – holes cut and 4 single power points fitted.

a Lcd display and control board (from Jaycar) for the arduino

what it needs to do is the following

I want the control panel to have, temp control, humidity control,

I want the exhaust fan to run 1min every 4 hours – this is because ammonia builds up as a gas in the chamber, this needs to be removed via the attached fan

I want the humidifier, the light and the fridge to be controlled by the same “temp” control;



I set the fridge to 95% humidity and 24C

Light on to temp then off - or on/off as needed

Humidifier on to correct parameters then off - or on/off as needed

Exhaust fan comes on and the computer compensates this evacuation and temp/humidity is on


I set the fridge to 90% humidity and 22C

Light on to temp (or fridge cooling, depending on temp)

Humidifier on to correct parameters

Exhaust fan comes on and the computer compensates this evacuation and temp/humidity is on

Etc.. etc..etc

Now this also means this needs to be adjustable via the little control box because some thicker sausage takes longer and thinner less… ie


1=95%H 2=90%H 3=85%H 4=80%H 5=75%H


1=24C 2=22C 3=20C 4=18C 5=16C 6=14C 7=12C 8=10C

Anddddd prosciutto doesn’t need this type temp/humidity drop. It only needs a stable 75% humidity and 12C

The idea is Ill have a sparkey wire up plugs into the humidifier, light, fan and fridge.. they all plug into my super sexy grey box that has 4 plug holes on it ( ill send you pictures)..

The inside of the box - a 4 switch relay... to power the toys

a connection and lead in that gives power…. And I have access to the liitle LCD screen to adjust the parameters when needed.

I assume I need to get more electrical/computer parts for this.. and the program written that controls all this info.

any info will be rewarded with salami.!!!!!!!