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Salvaging an Old Phone Parts Answered

I have an Old Sony Xperia Z3 and used it for couple of weeks. Unfortunately I forgot to cover its port, got wet inside and broke. I wonder if I can still use its parts like the Camera, Speakers, Mic to a new project? Anyone expert in this kind of field?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

For me, the tricky aspect to finding useful parts inside old cell phones, is that these parts are so tiny and delicate. Tiny, tiny, little wires and pins, these make it difficult to work with a part without breaking that part.

There is also the problem of figuring out which pins do what, and how to make them do stuff, especially for those components wanting digital ins and outs, like the camera, the display, the radio, the SIM card, etc.

I suppose for the purely analog components, like speaker, mic, headphone jack... vibrator motor... what else? The battery? Those would be pretty easy to use for something else.

By the way, did you happen to try to dry, to remove water from, your phone using the old trick of putting it in a sealed bag, or other air tight container, together with a mass of thirsty desiccant material.


Looking at those pictures could give a misleading impression about the effectiveness of white rice as a desiccant.




Certainly rice is easy to find, but silica gel beads will probably work better.