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Samsung pc power jack looks clogged. Need pic of clean jack lining to know if what I see is clog or part of jack? Answered

My Samsung pc  suddenly is powerless.  Looks like there's a bit of dry leaf is wedged in an opening of the lining of the jack hole.
What does the inside of a clean jack hole look like? 


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5 years ago

It happens. So remove the ?Dry loaf? (are we talking pocket link here?)

The headphone jack on my now defunct original Droid got clogged enough the headphones wouldn't plug in. I used a pair of tweezers to remove the lump of pocket lint, then blew the receptacle out with some canned compressed air. Problem solved.

When factory fresh, The 3.5mm (or similar) jack ie,receptacle, should look like shiny black plastic, but wear can cause that shine to dull, and as you've ;learned, dust and other environmental detrius can clog it