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Save the Crucible Answered

Those in the Bay Area may already be familiar with the myriad classes The Crucible offers.

It's where I learned to weld. It's where many of my friends have learned fire arts, glass fusing, and other really unique skills you can't get anywhere else. And I plan on further honing my led and el wire skills with their classes. It's an awesome environment with great, patient teachers and an enormous workspace.

Plus, have you seen their fire ballets? And the Fire Arts Festivals? Amazing!!

But now the Crucible is in trouble! They need our help!

The Crucible has already been awarded two years of funding, but that is about to be taken away due to proposed budget cuts.

Here are some ways you can help:
Sign their petition

Check out City Council Meeting on Tuesday October 21st!
6:00 pm at Oakland City Hall Council Chambers

Contact a Council Member and let them know how important the arts are to you!

Other ways you can support The Crucible:

Join The Crucible as a member; or step up to the next level when you renew

Check out their fundraising events and gala performances like Dracul: Prince of Fire, our next fire ballet fundraiser in January

Take a class or workshop and bring your friends!

Check out what our members have done with the Crucible already!

Steel Necklace
Giant Fractal Pie
Wood Bowl


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12 years ago

Yes, even though I am not in the area, I get their newsletters (by email). Some amazing things happened at the last Burning man festival.


12 years ago

At first I thought the title said 'Cubicle'...