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Scarpar All-Terrain Powerboard (video) Answered

Scarpar's all-terrain power board has been in development since the 90s, Engineering and design organization EDAG have been helping with the production.

Basically its like a skateboard but with tracks underneath that are as wide as the board itself. A high powered motor drives these tracks and you hold a remote in your hand that control's the speed.

You can carve around like on a snowboard/skateboard/surfboard and the board can go over snow, sand and rough ground, if you watch the video you will see it concur an entire tree trunk !

scarpar.com has loads more info

They also have a Scarpar twitter and Scarpar facebook page

Watch the video !



10 years ago

Kinda cool. How much to buy? and How much to make :)


10 years ago

Nice! (please try and make sure to add a screenshot picture of this videos! makes for better topics) Thats 'cmd + shift + 4' for you! then you can drag a box, and upload straight away.